I vote for Imran Khan because I’m an intellectual and you are not!

Oh, why I ‘do’ support Imran Khan, thank you, how did you know? I’m sure it wasn’t the very obvious and very public fapping I do to his pictures five times a day in front of everyone! Nor was the intensive rage spasms and litter-mouth fits I get whenever someone says anything even slightly in opposition to Imran Khan no matter how valid the argument.

True I’ve posted about all his achievements and news stories 20 times a day but that is because he is so phenomenal. I know my blog is packed full of pictures of Imran Khan and I even have a shrine to him in my closet, I know it’s wrong for guys to fap to an old man in his 50’s but I can’t help it, he’s so phenomenal. Like just the other day I saw this conversation on a friend’s wall and completely agreed with the IK supporters:


Now I know people say he’s not original and he’s just following Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s footsteps, but as the late Steve Jobs put it, “geniuses steal” or something like that. I mean sure people who’ve lived through the 70’s say Bhutto was a failure and he had more influence than Imran Khan to begin with, but fuck all that. I’m just 20 and I wasn’t around at that time. I totally know my shit, and I know I’m doing the right thing for my country by using my right to vote for a person who has no physical assets in the country, no proven track record of any accomplishments or intangibility to the country, a failed decade and a half long career of political struggle and the same old corrupt and desecrated politicians are joining his party.

I know my shit. I’m old enough to vote and handle the fate of the country without even knowing the implications of running a government that has more to it than sitting in offices and sipping tea. I don’t give a fuck how economy works or how indebted we are, how low our foreign reserves are and how degraded the industry is. Imran Khan will fix everything because he said he would. That’s the most sensible thing I know!

(The author killed himself shortly afterwards because the pretense was too much)


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